Si de-ale vremii.. De toate.

In primul rand, ce am gasit prima data: dupa primul smartphone (iPhone) trimis in spatiu, de catre niste amatori (tata si fiul sau), Google a pus piciorul in prag si a trimis la randul sau Nexus S in spatiu. Detalii mai multe aici si aici. Evident ca au avut un plan mai bine pus la punct, mult mai dotati, au reusit sa urmareasca in timp real traiectoria prin radio. De fapt ce au facut ei, a fost sa testeze telefonul la conditiile de acolo sus:

In tracking the sensors on each of the phones, we observed that the GPS in Nexus S could function up to altitudes of about 60,000 ft. and would actually start working again on the balloon’s descent. We also saw that Nexus S could withstand some pretty harsh temperatures (as low as -50˚C). Some interesting data we collected:
Maximum Speed: 139 mph
Maximum Altitude: 107,375 ft (over 20 miles, over 30 km)
Maximum Ascent Rate: 5.44 m/s
Average Flight Duration: 2 hours, 40 minutes
Average Descent Time: 34 minutes

Si in plus, ei au trimis 7 pachete in total, deci au avut cu ce sa se joace. E foarte interesant proiectul, cine stie, dupa ce trece iarna asta, poate reusesc si eu asa ceva, evident cu pretentii mai mici :D

In al doilea rand, cat de mult ne afecteaza vremea. Astazi: La Nina. In primul rand ce inseamna La Nina si ce efecte are. Dar nu numai efectele astea le are.

Wet weather in key rubber hubs of Thailand and Indonesia has propelled prices of tire-grade rubber more than 30 percent higher since the weather anomaly emerged, while palm oil gained by more than half. Coffee harvests have been delayed in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Australia has cut its sugar export forecast by a quarter and downgraded expectations of the amount of high-quality wheat available for export.

La Nina-driven wet weather has also impacted iron ore and coal mining operations in Indonesia and Australia, where heavy rains have flooded mines and interrupted transport, also impacting China which is the top customer.


Poate data viitoare cand taiem un copac ne gandim si la altceva decat la consecintele imediate (ne poate cadea copacul in cap daca nu ne ferim).